Field Mobility

From the field to the boardroom

Integrated field mobility

With Oplii’s mobile web app, staff working in the field can transmit inspection results, photographs and work orders directly into the database using a mobile device — eliminating arduous tasks like scanning, faxing, emailing and data entry. Project managers and supervisors can also use the app to log daily activity and expense reports as a project progresses, giving you real-time budget oversight.


Tailored like a good suit

Modular to meet your needs

Oplii is a web-based application (accessible from virtually anywhere) comprised of multiple modules. These modules — mini-applications, if you will — manage different classes of information, but all work together within a supportive data structure. There are four core modules, one user administration module and four value-added modules, which can be added à-la-carte to suit your needs.

Unlimited users
Growing alongside your company

Unlimited user accounts

We don’t charge per-user, like most vendors do. User-based licensing undermines accountability within an organization, as people inevitably end up sharing login credentials. We exist to help companies manage their assets and operations by promoting data integrity, not undercutting it.

The opposite of clunky

Swift, tried-and-true tech

Oplii is hosted at secure Canada-based data centres and is built upon modern, solid framework and technology. The Oplii Web Client makes it easily accessible through your everyday web browser, so there’s no bulky software to install. If you want to get technical about things, Oplii is built upon ASP .NET 4.5 and MCV 5 for the application and MS SQL Server for the database.

Features and Functionality

Search from Anywhere, Easily

The Quick Search allows users to search data stored in multiple modules quickly and easily. Quick Search is accessed by clicking on the magnifying class icon on the navigation bar, which is always there, regardless of the module you’re working in. Search results display in real time (like Google) as you type and are further refined with every keystroke.

Intuitive User Experience

With a simple, ever-present navigation panel on the left, moving between modules and accessing settings, notifications and searching is super convenient. The user interface was designed with both savvy and non-technical users in mind to make data administration and retrieval as easy and intuitive as possible, for any user.

Stats at a Glance

Dashboard KPIs provide you with a snapshot of how your data behaves. View a variety of built-in reports on each module’s landing page to quickly gain insight into productivity, requirements, conditions and status to improve processes and identify what operational issues require attention.

Centralize Photos and Documents

Keep equipment-related documents and photographs where they belong— alongside the associated data. No need to invest in a digital asset management software. With Oplii, site, structure, equipment, inspection and work order data can all be appended with relevant photography, drawings, legal agreements, licenses, notes and other documentation.

Rock Solid Audit Trails

Whether it’s to validate work done for a contract payment or to satisfy legal requirements, record keeping can be a lengthy and arduous process. Oplii helps you save time and effort with automated functionality that documents every addition, change or deletion within the system, creating an audit trail to ensure your reporting is both accurate and complete. Good data makes for good reports.

Material transfer documentation

Whether you’re transferring equipment, structures (like skids or buildings) or entire sites from one geographic location to another, Oplii generates a material transfer document to accurately record what was moved and who moved it.

And finally: Your data belongs to you.

Although it should go without saying, your data is your data. We will never withhold your data or charge a processing fee for the occasional data export.

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