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Oplii is an all-in-one ops management platform.

It connects people and data to reduce costs, drive efficiency, foster collaboration—and provide teams with the tools to get work done.

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Supercharged maintenance and inspection plans

Oplii’s set-it-and-forget-it approach to scheduling maintenance and inspections saves time and effort across the organization.

Getting work done at the right time by the right people extends the life and reliability of your critical assets while reducing the likelihood of breakdowns and unplanned downtime.

Beyond planning, executing work with Oplii delivers more value from your data. Monitoring maintenance and integrity history is all tied back to the asset, which makes for better reporting, insights and decision-making.

Build your own workflow for easy, efficient collaboration

Oplii’s configurable workflows ensure requests, completed work and reports are sent to the right people at the right time. Workflows can be setup to vary based on the nature of the work or request, its location, the assets involved, the level of risk, and more.

Whether you’re moving equipment or logging a request for work, Oplii’s flexible and robust workflows ensure your business processes make it easier and more efficient for all involved.

Key features

There’s more than a few reasons why Oplii is a standout in operations management.

Unlimited users

Our fees aren't based on the number of users, uploads or assets in Oplii. No credential sharing required.

Modern mobility

Oplii Mobile empowers users to stay connected in the field and quickly find and complete work, even in offline areas.

change records

Every change is logged in easy-to-access history, driving accountability. There's no question about who did what.


A logical data architecture ties all asset data together, down to the site. Everything is related and easy to find.

Secure servers

Rest assured with 99.9% uptime, regular back ups and enterprise-level data security hosted on Canadian servers.


Oplii works on any desktop OS, smartphone or tablet. Our mobile app is available on both app stores and via browser.

Oh yeah, one more thing

Users like it.

There’s good reason we can afford to include user training for free.

Our platform makes it easy for everyone to collaborate and work thanks to its user-friendly, consistent design. 

Users are typically able to hit the ground running in just a short session. And if anyone hits a snag, our customer support team is always quick to provide answers.

Smartforms and mobile work execution

These forms are much more than simple checklists. They can be assigned as inspections or attached to work orders, used to improve asset data, completed on or offline. And they’re pretty fun to design, too.

Oplii’s smartform DIY editor that lets users design smartforms in mere minutes.

With data reconciliation turned on, information collected by the field that differs from what’s in the database is flagged for review by system administrators. It’s continuous data improvement without the extra work.


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