Optimize performance, mitigate risk and track trends

Asset integrity and inspection planning

Oplii’s all-in-one asset integrity management system (AIMS) brings inspections scheduling, execution, approvals and regulatory reporting processes under the same roof.

With a streamlined system that includes Oplii’s powerhouse mobile app—its offline capabilities and a modern interface—your inspectors will thank you. And it’s good for admins, too: They can ditch the PDF uploads for meaningful inspection data—the type you can easily report on and use to track trends and produce predictive analytics.

With build-your-own workflows, you can set up review processes that take into account the type of inspection, location and assets involved. It’s efficiency central.

Case study:
Whitecap takes asset integrity to the next level

"As we grew, our existing databases could not meet the company’s needs. We needed something that could scale up to handle more data, more users and workflows to support MOC and preventative maintenance.”

Get way more out of your inspections

Your inspectors work hard. Don’t let the data they collect go to waste.

You might be used to the old PDF delivery service, in which inspections are uploaded to your drive or database in a format that can’t be queried, measured and reported on. Oplii’s approach to inspection data is different.

Not only can you dig into inspection data using our reports or your BI solution but, information collected in the field is automatically used to improve your data integrity through (a very controlled—don’t worry!) reconciliation process. 

Not only is Oplii’s data better, but it’s doing double duty to ensure your asset information is up to date.

Approval processes that work across the company

Set it and forget it.

Configurable workflows take the manual labour out of inspection processing. With Oplii, you can chart a path for completed inspections that sees the right people notified and asked to review.

And it doesn’t need to be complicated—but it can be, if need be. We’ve yet to meet an inspection process we couldn’t mirror and improve using our DIY workflow tools.

A complete asset integrity management system (AIMS)

A few more reasons to choose Oplii

Easy scheduling

Set up inspection schedules on recurring intervals and assign them to inspectors who can complete them using Oplii Mobile. When they're submitted, workflow settings dictate who is notified and asked to review.

Add follow-up work

Inspectors using Oplii Mobile can create work orders or work requests on the fly while conducting inspections. Follow-up work is related to both the asset and the inspection. That's just good record keeping.

+70% work efficiency

Organizations that use Oplii to ramp up their inspections process report 50-70% time savings, which includes inspection conduction and subsequent approvals. Oplii Mobile can be used by both vendors and employees alike.

Unlimited everything

No one likes having to limit their data, and that includes users and uploads. With Oplii, you can upload all the drawings, photos or reports to do with your inspections, which drives data integrity and makes it easier to find important data.

Extensive history

With Oplii, there are no questions around who did what and when. Users can rest assured that any changes they make are properly documented. And with unlimited user, record and attachment creation, there's no need to share logins.

Data security on point

Through Azure-managed backup service, both transactional and point-in-time backups are stored in mulitple Canadian datacentres, fully encrypted and retained for 12 months. Data exports are free because your data is yours.

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