A Single source of truth for asset data

All of your asset data, connected and current

The more users like the asset management system, the better the data.

In Oplii, asset data is both easy to find and update—so easy, some don’t even realize they’re doing it. And with granular permissions and detailed history logs, access to view and edit data is as tightly controlled as you need it to be.

Better corporate data has countless benefits: Reduced downtime, frustration-free auditing, more accountability, reporting, meaningful insights, and more.

Oplii started as an asset management system. It has since become the foundation for the entire operations management platform.

Case study:
Crescent Point elevates Oplii to ERP status

“Our initial requirement was for asset integrity management with MOC and work orders. What it turned into was a full enterprise asset management platform.”

No more endless searching.
Get the full story on a single page.

Oplii’s site-centric approach sees all related data presented an intuitive, highly visual way. All roads lead back to the location.

In Oplii, a one-page view provides you with everything you need to know about your assets—service histories, inspections, transfers, change management records, related safety events and more.

Continuous improvement without the continuous work

With Oplii, asset information is easy to update—so easy, in fact, some users don’t realize they’re doing it.

Data collected by those working in the field (conducting inspections or doing work orders) is automatically synced and compared to information in your database. Any changes are flagged for review by administrators to ensure Oplii has the latest and greatest, improving database integrity and relevance. 

With a click of a mouse, your data is up-to-date.

Next-level Asset management

A few more reasons to choose Oplii

Unlimited everything

No one likes having to limit their data, and that includes users and uploads. With Oplii, you can upload all the drawings, photos or reports to do with your assets, which drives data integrity and makes it easier to find important data.

Fully documented moves

Material transfers of assets has never been easier (or as well documented!) Track asset movements by site, structure or equipment. Configure notifications and approvals by area, type of asset or movement.

Everything is connected

Not only can you access your data from everywhere thanks to Oplii's cloud-based platform, but you can rest assured that anything related to assets is accessible from a single page, making data retrieval super easy.

Extensive history

With Oplii, there are no questions around who did what and when. Users can rest assured that any changes they make are properly documented. And with unlimited user creation, sharing login details (and accountability) is a thing of the past.

Easy work scheduling

Combined with Oplii's work order and inspection modules, scheduling work around assets is a breeze. Set up preventative maintenance and inspection runs on assets by locations or operators at recurring intervals.

Data security on point

Through Azure-managed backup service, both transactional and point-in-time backups are stored in mulitple Canadian datacentres, fully encrypted and retained for 12 months. Data exports are free because your data is yours.

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