A complete HSE and incident management solution

A modern HSE platform that works for every team

Oplii’s mobile reporting tools to help its users proactively report safety events from the field—whether they’re on or offline. But it doesn’t stop there.

A configurable workflow for all of your safety reporting means collaboration has never been more productive between business units and health, safety and environment (HSE) teams.

From event documentation to safety inspections, hazard identification, corrective actions and auditing, Oplii arms your workforce with the tools to strengthen and support your organization’s HSE program.

Top five reasons to choose Oplii for hSE

“If I am discussing an incident with someone, I don’t have to print anything off—we can log on from any computer, review and make additions or changes, and assign action items as we go.” - Director of HSE

Increase hazard identification with easy-to-use mobile reporting

HSE professionals using Oplii report an increase in field hazard ID reporting of 33% but say it’s the quality of the data they’re getting that makes the biggest impact on results.

Oplii Mobile can be used by staff and contractors alike to compile comprehensive HSE reports directly from the scene of the hazard, near miss or icindent, whether they’re on or offline. Photos and documents can be captured quickly, and relevant documents attached and synced.

More complete data submissions translate into fewer follow-up conversation and quicker resolutions, overall.

Total oversight is just a click away

Oplii connects incidents, investigations, metrics, near misses and safety opportunities with geographic and asset-related data to facilitate trend analysis.

Details about personnel, injuries, environmental impact, property and equipment damage, non-compliance and estimated costs are recorded, tracked, protected and analyzed using flexible, customized notification and reporting tools.

Plug Oplii into your existing BI solution or use analytics for easy reporting.

Effectively collect, manage, understand and report corporate HSE data

A few more reasons to choose Oplii

Mobile tools

When it takes only a few minutes to document and send in a safety report, field teams are more likely to report hazards and near misses. If they're working offline, Oplii Mobile will remind them to sync once they get back in service.

Easy DIY workflows

In HSE, everything has its own process. In Oplii, every HSE event type can have it's own flow that you can set up in just a few minutes. Even areas and functional group involvement can dictate who needs to know about and approve a report.

Safety inspections

Combine Oplii's HSE and inspection solutions for even better safety reporting. Inspections can be conducted through Oplii Mobile. With Oplii's HSE dashboard, you can see how proactive measures are making an impact in your organization.

Everything is connected

Not only can you access your data from everywhere thanks to Oplii's cloud-based platform, but you can rest assured that anything related to HSE events is accessible from a single page, making data retrieval super easy.

Extensive history

With Oplii, there are no questions around who did what and when. Users can rest assured that any changes they make are properly documented. And with unlimited user creation, sharing login details (and accountability) is a thing of the past.

Data security on point

Through Azure-managed backup service, both transactional and point-in-time backups are stored in mulitple Canadian datacentres, fully encrypted and retained for 12 months. Data exports are free because your data is yours.

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