Consistent, controlled and configurable MOC processes

Change, managed, from start to finish

Mitigate risks and hazards with Oplii’s powerful MOC tools and ensure changes follow proper protocol, from assessment to approval, through implementation, completion and closure.

With clearly defined and organized workflows, Oplii takes the guess work out of the MOC process to support safety and sustainability in the workplace. 

A powerful MOC engine that brings simplicity and visibility into complex processes

Ensure permanent and temporary changes are vetted and controlled with customizable workflows.

Whether a change is equipment-specific of operational, process or design-based, Oplii for MOC ensures assessment and approval processes follow proper protocol.

It’s process-driven MoC for dynamic organizations wishing to standardize and automate change management processes to enhance operational efficiency.

The smartest workflows around

With Oplii, you can create unlimited workflow schemes based on

These factors determine the path of a change request, via configurable trigger questions, risk matrixes, status changes, approvers, approval requirements, notifications, closeout checklists and user permission.

Taking control of change processes

A few more reasons to choose Oplii

Full lifecycle MOC

From the moment a change is requested, through every step of its approval, change and change processes are fully documented in Oplii. In addition, asset data is linked directly to change history for lifecycle oversight.

Auto-notify reviewers

Oplii's workflows ensure that changes are reviewed by the right people, every time. Workflows can be setup based on the nature of the change, its location, the assets involved, the level of risk involved, and more.

Robust risk analysis

In Oplii, you can set up as many risk matrices as needed to facilitate the management of different kindss of risks. When scoring the risk level of a prospective change, the highest risk dictates how the change record proceeds.

Everything is connected

Not only can you access your data from everywhere thanks to Oplii's cloud-based platform, but you can rest assured that anything related to MoC records is accessible from a single page, making data retrieval super easy.

Extensive history

With Oplii, there are no questions around who did what and when. Users can rest assured that any changes they make are properly documented. And with unlimited user creation, sharing login details is a thing of the past.

Data security on point

Through Azure-managed backup service, both transactional and point-in-time backups are stored in mulitple Canadian datacentres, fully encrypted and retained for 12 months. Data exports are free because your data is yours.

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