Putting the order back in work orders

Putting the order back in work orders

Empower your team with a complete preventative maintenance system that adapts to your existing processes and prevents failures, waste and downtime.

Schedule work by time or counter-based recurrence, with different service intervals managed in a way that reduces pressure on schedulers and system administrators.

With industry-leading cloud and mobile tools, technicians can easily find work assigned to them and complete or request it in the field, with or without internet service.

Service history. Asset data.
Get the full story on a single page.

Oplii’s site-centric approach sees all related data presented an intuitive, highly visual way. 

In Oplii, a one-page view provides you with everything you need to know about your assets—service histories, inspections, transfers, change management records, related safety events and more.

Maintenance plans, mobile work execution, robust reporting and more

Oplii for PMs is a fully integrated and scalable enterprise system for capturing, managing and reporting maintenance data.

With industry-leading cloud and mobile tools, Oplii ensures maintenance management success while driving operational excellence.

Powered by one of the most innovative mobile data capture solutions on the market, Oplii extends into remote offline areas, allowing users to create and complete work orders and inspections via smartphone or tablet.

Next-level Asset management

A few more reasons to choose Oplii

Reduced downtime

With a fully intergrated preventative maintenance system, schedulers can reduce downtime by reporting with powerful work projection tools, coupling corrective work with preventative schedules to get it all done at once.

Flexible planning

Scheduling work with Oplii for preventative maintenance is a breeze. Set up PM plans for assets based on location, teams or type of work. Work orders can be generated based on time, counters (or both) as well as reading thresholds.

Solid mobile tools

Oplii has one of the most innovative mobile work execution tools on the market. With little to no training, your staff will be completing work orders in real-time, on their smartphones, tablets or PCs, whether they’re in the office or in the field.

Everything is connected

Not only can you access your data from everywhere thanks to Oplii's cloud-based platform, but you can rest assured that anything related to assets is accessible from a single page, making data retrieval super easy.

Extensive history

With Oplii, there are no questions around who did what and when. Users can rest assured that any changes they make are properly documented. And with unlimited user creation, sharing login details (and accountability) is a thing of the past.

Data security on point

Through Azure-managed backup service, both transactional and point-in-time backups are stored in mulitple Canadian datacentres, fully encrypted and retained for 12 months. Data exports are free because your data is yours.

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